With less than 2 weeks remaining before fight night the training camps for both Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana are dropping hints on their respective strategies in the form of sound bytes. With the first episode of All access having been aired on Saturday August 30th and several videos and articles recently surfacing around the web of Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana training; we the public have been able to get a glimpse of the preparation and perhaps the strategies that will be employed by each fighter. We all know that Floyd Mayweather brings a defensive tool box second to none with him to the ring every fight. What we are learning however is that this time around Floyd might carry a second tool box to the ring. This second tool box that Floyd may bring with him maybe devoted strictly to offense. One article quotes Nate Jones as stating that Floyd as recent as Tuesday Sept 2 spent 45 minutes pounding the heavy bag with more than 4,000 non stop punches. Another article quotes Floyd Mayweather himself stating that combination punching has been a focus in training camp. A couple of days later a video surfaced on boxingscene.com showing Floyd throwing 1300 punches in succession on the heavy bag and then going straight to working the mitts with his uncles Roger. Floyd Mayweather has made it clear that he intends to let his hands go a lot more this time around and the footage floating around definitely supports his claim. 

We already know based on previous fights and most importantly his 1st encounter with Floyd Mayweather that Marcos Maidana will bring a rugged, tenacious offense with him to the ring. With their 1st fight appropriately titled "The Moment"; Marcos Maidana took full advantage of the opportunity giving to him by making a statement in a solid performance against arguably the best fighter in the world. While it certainly appeared that everything was going very well for Maidana during his bout with Floyd we rencetly learned that the extra weight that Marcos carried with him into the ring this past May caused him to fade down the stretch. We also learned that Robert Garcia believed that Marcos did not train hard enough in preparation for his fight with Floyd and that this lack of preparation had everything to do with Alex Ariza techniques who at the time was Maidana's strength and conditioning coach.

During the 1st episode of All Access Mayweather Maidana I Robert Garcia spoke strongly about a fighter's need to train very hard; noting that a fighter should work hard and long, pass on rest, and push themselves whenever possible during training. With Robert Garcia back in control of every aspect of Maidana's preperation for September 13th we can expect to see a Maidana who throws even more punches than he did last time. 

It seems that both fighters will be focusing on offense driven by volume punching. One fighter more on combination punching and the other more or sheer aggression with a land punches any and everywhere mentality. Who's method of attack will be most effective? Which fighters adjustments in training will prove to be most effective on fight night? While these questions will remain unanswered until Saturday night September 13th. What is very clear is finding out the answers to these question will lead to nothing but Mayhem.


By M. A. Waterman       September 4, 2014

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