Lara moved, slipped punches and threw Pot shots to the head of Alverez. Alverez stalked, pressured and landed some descent shots to Lara’s body. Lara proved to be very elusive and Alverez showed that he did not have any tools available in his toolbox that would stagnate Lara’s movement. In a nutshell that is what transpired for 12 rounds this Past Saturday night. In boxing ultimately there are 3 possible outcomes to a fight. The boxer fighting out of the Red Corner can earn a victory, the boxer fighting out of the blue corner can earn a victory. Lastly it can be determined that neither fighter has done enough in the ring to warrant earning a victory. For what is it worth I believe Erislandy Lara, if a victor had to be chosen earned the victory Last night. Although there were no spectacular displays of offense to note Lara did show exceptional defensive skills. He prevented Alverez from doing what he wanted to do in the ring, which in my opinion is the definition of ring generalship. I will say that Lara did fail to show without any dispute that he was the busier fighter in the ring.  One of the keys to victory for Lara that I pointed out in my pre-fight analysis was that he needed to throw punches even if they had no chance of landing cleanly. Essentially Lara needed to make sure he was perceived as being the busier fighter. While he did out Land Alverez, because he employed a great deal of movement in a defensive manner Alverez appeared to be the more active on the offensive end. Landing less punches but in his attempt to land punches throwing more total punches than Lara. Alverez’s aggression in the ring was viewed by many boxing pundits as “effective aggressiveness”. This affective aggressiveness is what some feel caused Lara to utilize a great deal of Lateral movement during the bout. The constant movement for some made it seem as though Alverez was trying to “make the fight” while Lara was avoiding contact. Consequently Alverez won more rounds on 2 of the 3 judges score cards than Lara. At the end of 12 rounds the 3 judges had the bout scored 115-113, 115 - 113, 117- 111 in favor of Canelo Alverez. It has become a trend in boxing to give more credit to a fighter who is pressing forward and eating punches than to consider the talent necessary to avoid punches and land counter shots efficiently. While it may not be exciting to see defense and Lateral movement being used in a fight, It is important to understand that it is the utilization of said skills that makes boxing an art; a science. A fight with no defense and movement is not called a boxing match; it is called a Brawl.  These matches that we view on PPV are boxing matches at the highest form not tough man competitions. It is the duty of those who are commentating these event to ensure that credit is giving to those fighters who keep the art of boxing alive.   

Alverez vs Lara Post Fight Break Down and Analysis

By M. A. Waterman    July 14, 2014

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